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USA Gymnastics Compulsory webpage


Jeri Foley's Compulsory Judging Sheets (2015) These are great! 2014 DVD's scripts and scores

Scott and P.J. Slater have created study flashcards for smart phones - read more

Symbols - Basic Beginner

Warm Up Charts

Beam Warmup Chart and Routine Warning and Time Chart (Bjella/Tindall)

Warmup Chart

 Warm Up Chart - J. Doucette


  • NAWGJ (National) Library now has old fashioned Compulsory Flash Cards for sale. The price is $30 + $6 shipping for the 390 cards listing all general and specific deductions for Levels 4 & 5 along with elements in order, element values, and points of emphasis for each. Send checks payable to Judging Things. Mail to:Brenda Eberhardt, NAWGJ LIbrary Judging Things, 4008 Ellen Drive, Marrero, LA, 70072-6222

  • Compulsory and Optionals
    Super Study Aid--
    - quizzes/flashcards posted by Jeri Foley, LA judges, GA judges, etc. Also an App is available. Sign up - they will send you a confirmation e-mail. (There are some old quizzes posted, but you can look at the information and see the ones created this summer.) Type in gymnastics and then when the Gymnastics Study Sets comes up, click on "Classes". Amazing stuff up there!
    For the Compulsory study cards, type in "Learning the 2013-2021 USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Compulsory Program" in the search bar. God bless Sharon Doyle!


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