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Vouchers/Accreditation Forms

$ .54 per mile as of Jan 1, 2016

Priscilla's Compensation Guidelines January 7, 2016

Judges Accreditation Forms (USA Gymnastics site - CPE)

CPE Multiple Session Form

USA Gymnastics 2017 National Judges' Course Eligibility Form. (Any Level 10 who will have had Level 10 rating for 8 years as of 2017 may apply - print this form and start keeping records of your activities now.)

USA Gymnastics 2017 Brevet Judges' Course Form

Katy Tavog's multiple day/four session voucher (Oct. 2014)

Jeri Foley's Multi Session Voucher 3 day/4 session (10-2013)

Meet Ref's Multiple Session Voucher (3 sessions - author??) 2012

Voucher (Lee's one judge voucher)


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