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Ann Heppner - RJD Region 2

Ann Heppner




Ann Heppner, from Oregon, is our Region 2 Regional Judging Director (RJD)

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Here is the definition of the RJD duties: (From the NAWGJ Operating Code – which is posted on the National website
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Section II – National Governing Board Members
A. Regional Judging Director

1. Represent the Region in which his/her address is on file with the National Office,
Except under special circumstances when the National Governing Board can be petitioned in writing.
2. Be responsible to the President.
3. Keep in continual contact with the President and convey any national or international
technical information of interest to their State Judging Directors for inclusion in the State
4. Enforce the adherence to high ethical standards in judging.

Region 2 SJD’s 2012-2016

2015- Denver, CO SJD Meeting
back row: Jeanine Henneford, MT; Ann Heppner – RJD
middle row: Deatrich Sheffield, AK; Kaitlin Tallman, AK; Kelly Riley, ID;
front row: Lynn McCaffrey, OR; Pattie Wallkabout, HI; Denise Green, WA; Lee Bjella, WA

2013 Rhode Island SJD Meeting
back row: Kaitlin Tallman, AK; Lee Bjella, WA; Lynn McCaffrey, OR; Deatrich Sheffield, AK
front row: Pattie Walkabout, HI;
Jeanine Henneford, MT; Ann Heppner; Denise Green WA, Kelly Riley, ID

1997 Elite Course – Region 2 judges
Dean Ratliff, Lori Henninger, Darlene Raymond, Nola Ayres, Lee Bjella, Marian DeWane, Judy Denny, Lynda Carlson, Lisa Boylan, Earla Reed, Kelly Fluerer, Dianne Palmer

2009 Region 2 Championships
back row: Lee Bjella, Robbie Goeden, Pam Zak, Laurie Reid, Susan Judd, Darlene Raymond, Nola Ayres, Lisa Boylan, Wendy Smith
front row: Ann Heppner, Andrea Wallas, Linda Mulvihill, Ruth Sandoz, Genie McElroy, Jeanine Henneford, Denise Green, Hannah Collins


Aloha Gymfest – 1980’s
back row: Lala Strandtman, Liz Holey (CA), June Houghton, Genie McElroy
front row: Pat Hatmaker, Varina French, Pam Zak, Judy Smith (CA)


2008 Regionals – Spokane, WA
back row: Pam Zak, Robbie Goeden, Martha Dunn, Susan Judd, Cydni Meideros, Jeanine Henneford, Cindy Lord, Denise Green, Laurie Reid
front row: Priscilla Hickey, Marian DeWane, Lee Bjella, Linda Mulvill, Genie McElroy, Ruth Sandoz, Ann Heppner,
Karen Cismoski


1994 Regionals – Hawaii
standing: Ruth Sandoz, OR; Lee Bjella, WA; Pat Gardner, HI; Lori Henninger, ID:

Sitting: Hannah Collins, AK; Pam Zak, HI; Ann Heppner, OR; Karen Wisen, WA; Denise Green WA in front on right


1997 Regionals – Alaska
front row: Patty Ames, WA; Pam Zak, HI; Marti Seitz, AK; Ruth Sandoz, OR
2nd row: Lisa Boylan, OR; Hannah Collins, AK; Linda Mulvihill, OR; Genie McElroy, OR; Dale Kephart, AK
back row: Ann Heppner, OR; Barb MacAfee, WA; Lee Bjella, WA; Laurie Reid, WA; Lynda Carlson, OR;
Carol Bittinger, MT; Marian DeWane, ID