Test: ATTENTION JUDGES WHO WOULD LIKE TO TEST UP:Contact Denise or Lee about practice judging sessions!

Next local tests:
Tentative test dates and areas:
Feb. 15th, Olympia

There are lots of practice tests/quizzes and study helps on the Resources page.

For all exams you must register 7 days in advance through USAG Office. www.usa-gymnastics.org

USAG Registration Form for Tests

Info from USA Gymnastics:


  • You can register for the test on-line at USAG at least a week before the test. No walk-ins allowed.

  • You may register for a test by mail or fax but you must register two weeks prior to the exam.

Registration Deadlines:
Fax or mail – received no later than 2 weeks from the date of the exam Online – 1 week from the date of the exam. (available to Pro. & Jr. Pro members only)

Any exam registration received after the above deadline, but at least THREE business days before the test is scheduled, will be charged $30 per test part and the examinee must receive the permission of the Test Administrator. All late registrants must complete a hard copy of the registration form and send it by FAX or scan to e-mail.

No requests within three days of the scheduled exam will be accommodated.

Important Notices:
If you are taking the 4/5 or 7/8 exams, you will not need to bring a current rating card or an exemption eligibility form. These items are only needed when testing up to Level 9 or Level 10. However, you may need a results letter when taking an exam at any level if you are taking an exam version other than version A1. (see graph below)

TESTS – a new judge may take the entry level judging tests of the Compulsory 4/5 and/or the Optional level of 7/8. If you have been a college gymnast or National Team member – you may apply to take the Level 9 test as an entry level. Please contact your SJD. What you need to pass the tests: click here and scroll down to “Ratings”.

Explanation of exam versions:
You may take an exam for the same level only 4 times in the same Accreditation year (Aug. 1 to July 31). After August 1 of each year, all examinees start with the A1 version.

    Version A1 – 1st time taking exam – you do not need a results letter.
    Version B1 – 2nd time taking exam – results letter from version A1 needed.
    Version A2 – 3rd time taking exam – results letter from version B1 needed.
    Version B2 – 4th time taking exam – results letter from version A2 needed.

Click here to register online (must be a Professional Member – you will have to log in)
If you are not a Professional or Jr. Professional Member, you must fill out the registration form to register. The form may be submitted by mail, FAX or scanned to e-mail.

Once registered, an individual may not transfer registration fees to another exam date or request a refund unless they do so in writing to USA Gymnastics at least 8 days prior to the scheduled exam. Extreme extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration on an individual basis.

On the test day, you will need to bring:

  1. Confirmation sheet from USAG with your testing number

  2. Your USAG #

  3. Your Safety Cert. expiration date. (It’s on your USAG card)

  4. Your NAWGJ Card

  5. Your Soc. Sec. #

  6. If you are testing up, know the date you attained your current rating.